How to Find a Jewelry Store That Sells Good-Quality Gold

As they say, not everything that glitters is gold. But how do you exactly tell the difference between a fake and an authentic one?

Begin by knowing how to choose a reliable and reputable jewelry store that offers this product.

Here are some ideas on how to find this shop:

1. Consider the Quality of the Gold

First rule: always know the quality of gold the store is selling. The purity of the gold is measured in karats. The higher the number of karats, the purer the gold will be.

For example, 24-karat gold is 100% pure gold. A 75% pure gold is 18 karats (divide 18 by 24). On the other hand, 10-karat gold is 41.7% pure gold.

The purity of the gold will affect its price. The higher the purity, the more expensive the gold will be. However, purer gold is also more likely to become dented since the element is malleable. In contrast, lower purity gold is less expensive but also more durable.

Gold can also vary in color: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Yellow gold is the most traditional type of gold. White gold has a more modern look. Rose gold is a mix of yellow gold and copper, giving it a pinkish hue.

2. Ask the Store about Their Certification and Testing

How do you know the gold you’re buying is real? One way is to test it for certification.

The certificate will contain information, such as the weight, karat, and purity of the gold. If the store doesn’t have a certificate, you can always ask to see the results of a recent test.

Further, the store should also be able to tell you where the gold was mined and how it was tested for purity.

3. Get a Written Estimate

When you are looking for a store that sells quality gold, get a written estimate.

It should include the price of the gold, the purity of the element, and the type of gold. It should also specify how many karats the gold is.

The estimate should be provided to you in writing before you make a purchase. This way, you can minimize buyer’s remorse. You can also easily compare prices between different stores.

4. Pick an Experienced Business

Pick an experienced business if you want to feel more confident about the quality of the gold.

A store that has been in the industry for many years is more likely to sell quality gold than a new store. This is because they have built up a reputation for selling high-quality gold. They will also have more experience dealing with gold buyers.

One of these shops is Mint Jewelers, which has been designing gold products for 30 years.

5. Find a Store with a Good Return Policy

Another criterion you can consider in choosing a jewelry shop that sells gold is having a good return policy. The policy should allow you to return the gold if it is not what you expected. It should also cover the cost of shipping if you need to return the gold.

A good return policy will give you peace of mind when you are buying gold. It will also ensure that you are able to get your money back if you are not happy with the purchase.

6. Ask Lots of Questions

Finally, when you are looking for a quality gold store, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Some excellent questions include:

  • What is the quality of the gold?
  • How was the gold tested for purity?
  • Where was the gold mined?
  • What is the return policy?

If you are unsure about something, ask the salesperson to explain it to you. If they are not able to answer your questions, move on to another store.

Gold usually doesn’t come cheap, so you want to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

To find a quality gold jewelry store, always check the purity of the gold, ask about certification and testing, get a written estimate, pick an experienced business, find a store with a good return policy, and ask lots of questions.

With these tips in mind, you’re less likely to go wrong.

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