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Island Boys Diamonds and Jewelry – See how the couple got the fame

Island Boys Net Worth – How Rich are Kodiyakredd & Flyysoulja?

While many people try guessing the duo Net worth, no one can actually tell the exact net worth. What’s so special about Island Boys Diamonds and Jewelry?

These 20-year old twin brothers from Palm Beach, Florida are nothing short of famous thanks to their viral hit ‘I’m an Island Boy’. They’ve reached a net worth of millions of dollars in less than one year, stand out for being funny and knowing how get attention on social media. Their stage names?


Island Boys - Mint Jeweler By BooDaddy
Island Boys – Mint Jewelers By BooDaddy

Kodiyakredd & Flyysoulja; but you know them better as The Boys Who Made Us Swoon With Fearifying Music!”
They stand out because of their eccentric hairstyles: dyed dreadlocks in different colors, Facial Tattoos and their diamond and gold jewlery.

The twin brothers have an excellent relationship with their fans, as they are always uploading videos of themselves to social media Including TikTok Instagram and on YouTube.. They make all kinds or challenges where people dress up in outfits and do funny things for the camera! The couple also has tones-of tattoos on their bodies as well colorful clothes that match each other perfectly which makes it even more interesting because no matter what challenge is going down you can count on these guys not only being there but taking part too (and usually coming out victors).

The South Florida Based Duo has gained popularity in 2020 and building their momentum to get more and more popular.

How popular are Island Boys on Cameo?

They are top ranked Talents on Cameo in 2022 with tens of thousands of followers and people who have purchased their unique greets.

island boys diamond teeth

the couple extravagant look and diamond teeth became their trademark and soon every young person in America started recognizing the Island Boys. Recently the couple had a beef during a podcast hosting with Logan Paul and his crew. The brothers have left in the middle of the podcast and did not come back to finish the recording.

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